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Technology at Your Fingertips

A Complete Seller Management Toolkit

Antler Software continuously monitors your Amazon Seller marketplaces for significant issues. When something importnat is flagged, Antler suggests an edit to protect your account.

Antler Software includes a set of tools to help manage and protect your accounts, monitor performance, track listings and get alerts when important changes happen.

All of this is available on your desktop or direct to your smart phone. So you will never miss an important update about your account. 


The Smarter Way to Manage Your Amazon Account

Providing a Saftey Net For Your Account

Peace of mind, knowing we are monitoring your account 24/7, 365.

Fast Performance

Alerts sent instantly to you by email or to your app.

Online Support

Support provided online for any issues you may experience.

Top Security

Secure messages sent directly to you.

Learn All About How Antler Software Can Help You

Stay Alert

You will receive Instant alerts 24/7 about any health issues on your Amazon Seller account so you don't have to constantly log in to Seller Central. Only see the information that matters to you. 

Accessible from All Locations

An mobile app allows you to monitor your Amazon Seller account on the go.  


We've Come a Long Way

Antler Software -- Built by Amazon Sellers for Amazon Sellers

The main aim of our software is simple, to increase Amazon sales and to protect your Amazon account from a suspension. Amazon provide lots of useful information, the problem is, sometimes there is too much information to process especially if you are a large seller. 


What People are Saying

I'm a title. ​Click here to edit me.

I've been working with Antler now for several months developing the automated alerts that I need as a 6 figure seller on Amazon

Antler approached me as I am a new seller and they wanted to know what information I needed. I have worked with Antler for 6 months now.

The dashboard that Antler has created will help me prioritise the work I need to do to become a better and more profitable Seller.

Joan Marks

Raymond Souza

Maggie Stalk


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